Lost: Episode 512

The episode focused on everyone’s favorite character (I took a poll in my mind, the voices agree with me): Ben. Locke and Ben venture to the main island (after Ben shoots Caesar) and they run into Sun and Frank. Locke, Sun, and Ben wait for the monster to come and judge Mr. Linus, but it never shows up. Locke says he knows where it is at.

They head out to the temple, and go beneath. There are all sorts of crazy hieroglyphs, and then there is a grate with a picture of Anubis (the Egyptian god who judges the dead), then the black smoke envelopes Ben and he sees images of Alex. Then she is standing before him and threatens that if he tries to kill Locke again, she will hunt him down.

The flashbacks focused on how Ben came into possession of Alex and also how he got beat up before they came back. Apparently he was going to kill Penny, but could not do it. He shot Desmond, but must not have killed him because Des attacks him, and beats the shit out of him. It was awesome, although Desmond did not call him “brotha.”

Anyways, it is cool to see Locke as the all-knowing one, and Ben being led around. Also, Ben is such a great character. And the guy who plays him (too lazy to look it up) does an excellent job of showing us that he can be ruthless yet caring.

And what the hell did the bounty hunter mean when she asked Frank about the statues? Who is she? I bet she is evil.

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 512

  1. The bounty hunter asked Frank what was “in the shadow of the statue,” right? That’s what I thought I heard, anyway. And I just assumed she was referring to the giant statue that we saw when everyone was hopping through time, of which only the giant four-toed foot now remains.

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