Lost: Episode 514

I know plenty of people wonder why they still watch this show, and I personally think those folks are kind of foolish. Tonight’s episode was absolutely awesome. It starts out with everyone’s favorite Scottish badass and then switches gears to the most enigmatic character: Daniel.

On The Island
Daniel goes to Dr.Chang and tells him the truth, that they are from the future and that Miles is his son. Chang does not believe them.

Daniel believes that he can prevent the energy that will be breached, which will cause the DHARMA group to build the Hatch, which will later cause Oceanic 815 to crash and the freighter to arrive. He wants to visit the hostiles to retrieve the atom bomb (Jughead) they buried back in 1954 to destroy the energy. He also explains that his mother is a hostile.

We learn that Daniel has a gift for math and science (obviously), his mother forces him to not waste his time on other things because it is his destiny. He constantly questions this, and in the end, she lets it slip that it is his destiny to go to the island.

Charles Widmore explains to Daniel that the island can cure his mind, which has been damaged because of his time experiments on himself.

Back to the present, Daniel’s mom visits with Penny at the hospital. Once she learns that Desmond is okay, she leaves and lets Widmore know. We learn that Daniel is Widmore’s son. Eloise says that he should go see his daughter, but Widmore says that she was something he sacrificed for the island. Eloise gets angry and says that she sent her son back to the island…

Daniel reaches the Hostiles in search of his mother. He confronts Richard with a gun demanding to see Eloise. He then gets shot from behind and we see Eloise step out with a rifle. Daniel realizes what happened. He says to her “you always knew.” He then tells her that she is his mother.

How awesome was that??? What a hard thing to do. Knowing that you will have to send your son to his death in order for things to happen the way they did. I wonder what the rest of the group will think of Jack’s idea to pick up where Daniel left off. Obviously some of them do not wish to leave. If none of it ever happens, how will all their lives change? Also, this would be a really bad way to end the show. Erasing it all and saying that it never happened.

4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 514

  1. This episode was insane. Am I the only one that took away from it that Daniel’s mother was grooming him, from birth, to die that day on the island? That might be the most fucked up thing, ever, from this show. And it was great.

  2. It’s going to be shit if they erase everything to end the show, but I doubt they’ll do that. I’m thinking if that happens, it will be the way this season ends, with everything unraveling next season. Not sure how that would work, though, so I don’t think it’s likely.

    Something my gf and I have been discussing lately is, “Who’s the bad guy? Ben or Widmore?” We’ve seen both of them do some fucked up things, but raising your child knowing you were going to kill him… that’s pretty bad. Not sure you can do anything worse than that.

    Your pic of Ma Faraday is amazing.

  3. Jason…that is a very good question. They both have some arguments going for them, but since I think Ben is awesome, I have to say Widmore is the villain. haha.

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