Opening Day

Steve and I went to the Pirate’s home opener on Monday. Let me tell you, that was an awesome day. We started the day by heading to Denny’s for breakfast at 10 a.m. I decide to order the Grand Slamwich, but to trump me Steve starts the ordering off by saying “I’ll have the SUPER grand slamwich.” Which then forces me to say “I’ll have the regular slamwich.”

After that we dropped Steve’s car off, grabbed a beer and headed over to the bus stop. Nothing like cracking a beer at 11 a.m. We waited for the bus and listened to my annoying old neighbor (Peg Leg) bitch and moan about everything in the universe.

Once we got down to the stadium, we drank the rest of our six pack and headed into the stadium. As we are walking around, we talk about how it would be cool if we just got some really big cameras and microphones and said we were with the press. Just then, Action 10 news (the Altoona news station) walks by, and Steve says “yeah, like those guys.” I point out that they are actually the Altoona news. They must have heard me because they turn around and ask if they can do an interview.

Here is the interview, Steve is in the yellow hat, I am towards the end. Oddly, the questions they asked would have normally led to an answer like “they are not that good, but building blocks are in place for the future.” However, I have never been on TV, so I decided to go with the standard answer that the guy wanted to hear.

We drank plenty of beer at the game and when it was over, we headed over to Jack’s on the South Side. We shot pool, drank, and then left to head back home to Mugshots. Once there, we were obviously pretty drunk. We did a few more shots, and drank way too many beers.

After awhile, my body began to shut down and around midnight I had to go home. The best part is, I get to do this all over again on Friday!

4 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. Haha, well yeah that goes without saying. I just wanted to get down the experience before my brain becomes too alcohol soaked and I forget.

    I forgot to mention about the lil’ mongoloid who knocked my beer over. His parents did not offer to buy me a new one.

  2. That video was terrific. I always think they’re going to win some games when I’m drunk, too. Then I sober up and want to piss on every player on the team.

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