Perfect Job

Today while driving home from Pittsburgh on I-80, I realized what the perfect job would be: Rest Stop Attendant.

I know you are probably thinking, “Josh, that would be a terrible job.” But, let me explain why it would be perfect. You get to sit around all day, and your only duty is to clean and restock two bathrooms. Maybe make sure the trash cans are empty. Now, this probably sounds horrible, but this is something I do on occasion as a restaurant manager.

I am sure they pay well since it is PennDOT. I bet they start out around $12/hour (any attendants out there want to confirm this), plus they have excellent state benefits. Imagine, sitting around reading a book, playing on a laptop, doing a little cleaning, going home, and making decent money. The other great thing about state jobs, you get raises all the time.

People always tell kids to go to college, but you know what, get a cushy state job like that and just sit around collect my hard earned tax dollars…

6 thoughts on “Perfect Job

  1. I paid $505 in Pittsburgh. However, here in Philipsburg, my options of things to do after work are pretty slim…

  2. I’m with you, Ngewo. Living in the middle of nowhere has its’ disadvantages, but paying $450/month to rent a 3 bedroom house isn’t one of them.

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