24: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m.

Well tomorrow night is the season finale, and I finally got a chance to watch the next to last episode. I will admit the show was not that bad. The Jack vs. Tony battle still has yet to happen, but I am sure something will go down in the finale.

Unfortunately, this show really has no new ideas. I mean, Jack broke Tony out of FBI custody once already, this season! How many times do we have to sit through Kim being used as a hostage. This is why Jack should just kill her. It would simplify things. Benjamin Linus would do it, proof that Jack is nowhere near as badass as Ben…

I enjoyed the fact that Jebron (was that his name?) decided to go with the old “I have a bomb” tactic. At least that way people get out of the way, trying to discuss things with the police would not have worked out so well…

There was a nice hug from Agent Walker, I wonder if her boobs are firm?

The other story line sucks. I will not waste energy talking about it.

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