Curve Game

Friday night I went to the Altoona Curve game with Jason. The Curve lost, but that is not really all that in important. What is important is this video, which I took with my phone. Unfortunately you do not really get the full effect, so allow me to explain. That play house with the dog on top is a place for little kids to go and jump around inside. Whoever designed this thing must have had a sense of humor, because when it starts bouncing around, it really looks like the dog is humping the house. His tongue is hanging out and Steamer has that surprised look like “Holy shit, what the hell did I just walk in on???”

The other funny thing about the game is that we were sitting right behind home plate, maybe four rows back. A pop fly came straight over the netting and went well behind us. I did not even think to look back because I knew it had no chance of coming to us. About ten seconds later I feel something smack into my seat. The ball had bounced off something and come straight back and landed in the cup of Jason’s mom. Her seat was behind me and her cup was attached to my seat.

So there are two things to take from this, 1) further proof that mascots are creepy as all hell, and probably sexual deviants, and 2) always follow the ball, no matter where it goes.