Fantasy Baseball Part One

Yes, it’s back. Fantasy baseball season. I know that most of you do not care to read about my triumphs and defeats each week, so this year I have decided to just post a longer recap every few weeks (unless of course my faithful readers want it every week). This year we decided to do two different leagues, each one has some different stats as well as different rules. Oddly enough, for Offord’s league I missed the draft and just pre-ranked my players. I ended up with basically the same team that I personally drafted a few days later in Ryan’s league. I guess that is a good thing?

Ryan’s League
In week one I got beat down by Singer, but then had a nice come back week against Ryan. In the third week I took on Offord, and barely beat him. The reason I am quickly recapping those weeks is that with all the moving/working/drinking/baseball games, I kept forgetting to set my teams in advance. Not using that as an excuse, just did not pay much attention.

This week however I made sure to keep up on it (even though I somehow missed a Halladay start, I’m a moron). I beat YouThrowLikeAGirl 9-2-1. My pitching was pretty fantastic, even without another good Halladay start. I have proposed a trade with Offord, BJ Upton for Jonathon Broxton. I need another strong closer, and hopefully he needs somebody like Upton, who is starting off a little slow, but will steal a good bit of bases, plus once he gets hot can hit for a decent average. If he wants someone else though, well he just needs to let me know.

Anyways, he is leading the league right now, but I am only seven games behind in third place.

Offord’s League
This league I convinced Jason and Nick from Batman Obviously to join. I do not think they have paid much attention though. This league only has eight teams, which makes it weird when looking at the waiver wire, since our roster size is smaller. I will see players available that in the other league would make me interested, but in this league they are not really worth taking. If that makes sense.

I am in first place in this league, especially after beating up on JasonK 10-2 this week. The beauty of this league is that average is not a category, instead Offord chose to use OPS. Also, in the other league we use OBP as well as average. In both leagues, this makes Adam Dunn a very valuable player. Yes, he has a very good average at this point in the year, but we all know that will probably drop. However, he is a walk machine, so now, in this league, I get the benefits of his HRs/walks, without getting crushed by his strikeouts.

And no Ryan, I am not taking a shot at you or anything, just pointing out that I picked up Dunn very late, and in this format, he is very valuable…

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Part One

  1. This is an appealing deal, and is certainly what I was aiming for when I posted a trade request, but…I am losing faith in Upton. I’ve been waiting him out in another league, and it is getting more and more likely that he is just not going to come back from this, this season. Also, Broxton is a saves AND wins machine. I am looking to deal a closer for a hit/sb guy, but this is pushing it on both ends. I will think about it.

  2. I haven’t checked the league since I made my team. I really am a sucky jerk. Am I doing well, 10-2 losses aside?

  3. I check mine based mostly on how the Pirates are doing. Checked it, made some moves early in the season. With the way they’re playing lately (and especially after a game like yesterday’s), I can’t think about baseball at work (you know, when I do my web surfing) or I want to Hulk-smash my monitors. Hopefully I can ride it out until the All-Star break, when they’re 20 games under, and not capable of making me angry anymore.

  4. our leagues are different, where would the shot be? I didn’t catch it…oh by the way, in both leagues I believe I am looking for better OF’s so if you have anything interesting let me know.

  5. Jason…not really doin’ so hot.

    nick…I have no clue what it is like to surf the web at work. Our computers only go to two different sites.

    Kern…I thought you might interpret my Adam Dunn comments as a shot about the Great Howard/Dunn Debate of ’08.

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