Girlfriend of the Week

I started off trying to make my GOTW someone very special to me: the goddess Šauška, but unfortunately, Google does not keep a plethora of hot pictures of my favorite war/fertility goddess. Because of this, I have decided to use Inanna and Ishtar (Šauška is pretty much the same goddess, so it is not really that big of a deal…)

Seriously though, would it have been too hard for the ancient Hurrians and Hittites to invent a camera? Bunch of savages.

Anyways, why is she GOTW? Šauška was badass. She has wings, carries a sword, and is followed by some lions. She is the goddess of sex (oh yeah, do a google image search for that phrase, see what ya get) and of war. In many of the stories, she has to go save her brother Tešub (if you have never read any of the myths, you should check them out) because he is a sissy. She usually sleeps with some monster, then cuts it’s head off while it sleeps. A whore and a warrior=my kind of girl.