Life in Philipsburg

This picture was taken about five minutes ago. I live beside the Philipsburg movie theater (The Rowland), which is not always up to date when it comes to current movies. As you can see, this week: Gran Torino. It was a good movie, but come on, they could at least try to get something that is not coming out on DVD soon…

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3 thoughts on “Life in Philipsburg

  1. It’s a second-run theater. At least you’ve got on. We have to drive 30 minutes to get to a 2-screen theater that didn’t show Watchmen or half of the other movies we want to see, or 2 hours to get to a decent theater.

  2. Wow, okay that sucks. They did get wolverine opening week, as well as night at the museum 2…at least there are 2 really nice theaters like 30 minutes away…

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