Lost: Episode 515

There was so much happening during this episode, I do not even know where to begin. I think I will just go by certain characters and let you know what they are doing as we come to the finale.

Jack believes in Daniel’s plan to use the bomb to reverse their ill fortunes. He is following Richard and Eloise through the tunnels along with Sayid (who shoots one of the Hostiles who is about to shoot Kate). Did anyone else kind of forget about Sayid? I will not lie, I did. Good thing they found him though, I bet he will be able to detonate the bomb.

Kate disagrees with Jack and wants to head back to the DHARMA people to let them know what will happen. We see her in the end captured and being brought aboard the submarine. She feels that Jack is starting to sound like Locke, also, if everything is undone she will probably end up in jail.

Sawyer and Juliet are interrogated by Horace and Radzinsky. They want to know where Kate is going. They beat up Sawyer, but nothing works until they start beating Juliet. He makes a deal with them, he will tell them where the Others are if the two of them can have passage on the submarine. At the end we see them together on the sub looking surprised when Kate shows up.

They plan on heading to the beach when Dr.Chang shows up and asks them if they were telling the truth about being from the future. Hurley tries to play it cool, but fails miserably. He says he was born in the 1930s and then asks what the Korean War was. After being stumped about the current president, he gives up and says “okay, we’re from the future.”

Miles then convinces his father to evacuate all the women and children. He watches as his father makes his mom (and baby Miles) leave. She is angry about it, and Miles realizes why she was so angry at him, but that it was also very necessary.

Locke, Richard, and Ben go on a little errand. In fact, they go to a certain place and Locke tells Richard to help a man coming out of the jungle who has been shot. The man is Locke, and that is the point where Locke is told that he must die.

Locke then says he wants to see Jacob and he wants to take the rest of the group with them. Richard thinks that Locke may be a problem. Ben tells Locke this, and Locke informs him that he does not care about helping his people (flight 815) get back, he wants to meet Jacob and kill him.

I love how cool Locke has become. It reminds me of how he was in season one, he seemed to have answers and understand the island better than anyone.

In next weeks episode we see Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet trying to stop Jack. Obviously the bomb never goes off. You cannot change the past (I think Daniel proved that point), I wonder if the rupture of energy will thrust the group back to the present, making Eloise and Richard think they succeeded in changing the future…

Anyone have any theories?

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 515

  1. This episode seemed like it was 15 minutes long. I think that was a combination of there being so many things happening, and the fact that it was mostly a set-up episode, getting everyone to where they need to be for the season finale.

    Totally agree that Locke is an incredible bad-ass. I really hope they’re not building him up to be let down/defeated in the finale.

    Anyone else getting tired of the Sawyer/Juliet/Kate love triangle? How many times are they going to play that card this season?

  2. It’s definitely weird when there is no “flashback” for an episode. Everything happens so quickly.

    I have a feeling that Locke will defeat Jacob. He will then inform Sun that he doesn’t care about helping her people, he is with his people.

    Yes, we get it. Sawyer is conflicted, as is Kate, as is Jack. They should just cut it out and let Kate and Juliet hook up.

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