Lost: Episode 516

The season finale was pretty awesome, and the cliffhanger has me excited for the final season. I will say though, if they actually reset everything, I will be very upset…anyways, with that being said, let me share some of the things I noticed. I would do a recap, but there are much better ones out there, hell even wikipedia would do a better job of recapping the episode. As soon as you finish reading the recap, come back.

Okay, you are back. Good.

-From the beginning, when the guy said that he would find a loophole to kill Jacob, I knew that guy was somehow going to turn out to be Locke.

-How come everyone had a prior connection (Locke most of all), except Juliet?

-Sawyer and Jack, the final battle. I always figured Sawyer would win, and he did not disappoint me.

-Did anyone look closely at the statue? I wonder if the statue was Set, the Egyptian god of chaos. Here is my thought, Jacob and that other guy represent (or they are) Order and Chaos. Jacob being the manifestation of chaos. Think about it, when the ship arrives, the other guy says “we know what will happen, they will come here, they will fight, they will kill each other” (this is not a direct quote). Also, in later Egyptian mythology, Set is associated with the crocodile, which the head sort of resembled.

-I enjoyed what Miles said to the group. About how the bomb going off is what causes the incident (or is the incident). I believe that Daniel was wrong, you cannot change time, but who knows what will really happen. Again, let me reiterate, I will be pissed if they start the season with the characters landing safely in L.A. I mean, the idea of the show, aside from the group being lost on an island, each character was lost in life. Through multiple struggles on the island, they have found themselves and each other. That has been the great thing about the flashbacks. To null and void that would be ridiculous.

-Who are the people carrying around Locke’s body? What is their connection to Jacob? How pissed are they that he is dead? Also, Richard correctly answers the question “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” with “”Ille qui nos omnes servabit.” It is Latin (obviously, the qui is a dead giveaway) and means “He who will watch over us all.” I wonder if that is the exact translation, any of my old CAMS friends reading this? I did not study Latin, Sumerian and Akkadian, so a little help would be nice.

-Is Juliet dead? Exploding hydrogen bombs usually do that, but who knows at this point…although, Richard said that dead is dead.

Let me know what you thought.

6 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 516

  1. I thought Juliet’s breasts were really really really really really awesome. I almost cried when they blew up.

    – Did Juliet not have a connection to Jacob because she didn’t come to the island on the plane? It seemed like that plane was the vehicle for his hand-picked squad. Wait, that lady with the big face wasn’t on the plane either. Theory canceled.

    – I don’t know who the body carriers were, but I wish they weren’t introducing new characters so late in the show’s run. We have enough shit they introduced and never went back to.

    – I honestly hadn’t considered Faraday was wrong until Miles said that. He probably is wrong. He only changed his tune after his “girlfriend” died.

    – Locke’s dead again, so I guess dead is dead.

    – I thought it looked like Set, too, except my line of thinking was, “Hey, that rock man looks like that god… the Egypt one… pyramid… sand… stuff… guy.”

  2. She does/did have wonderful breasts. Especially in the Dale Earnhardt movie on ESPN with Barry Pepper.

    They have never really explained where the Others/Hostiles came from? How did they get on the island? I know how Ben came, and Juliet, but what about all the people with Richard???

    Haha, the wonders of a Classics degree. Cannot find a job, but useful for recognizing mythological figures.

  3. My thought was that by Jacob visiting everyone but Juliet, he was protecting them all somehow. Won’t be surprised if they all wake up in the “present,” where Jacob has just been killed, except for Juliet.

    I’m hoping the Others/Hostiles were on that ship sailing to the island at the very onset of the episode, when we see Jacob eating his fish. Then, you know, they only have to explain how they got there, and why, and why some of them don’t age …

  4. Nick…I thought that the ship was The Black Rock, which was a slave ship, or mining ship, whichever…I wonder if why Ilana calls Richard Ricardos, and he says “it’s Richard now.” or did he say “actually?” whatever…

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