The Stand: Captain Trips

I completely forgot that I picked up the hardcover of The Stand: Captain Trips, the comic adaptation of Stephen King’s awesome book. If you have read the book (or want to read it, but cannot imagine reading a 33234465453467256 page book) then you should definitely check this out.

The first arc focuses on the disease and how it spread. There are plenty of cool things, like Person A infected B, who then infected C,D,E,F…and so on. Also, we get an introduction to a few of the characters: Stu, Larry, Frannie, Nick, Lloyd, and Randall Flagg. In fact, the last few pages focus on Flagg, and they are pretty sweet. We see him going through different eras as a the Walkin’ Dude, always in the background, stirring up trouble.

The artwork is pretty good, in fact, some of the characters are pretty close to how I imagined them when I read the book, especially Larry (who in my opinion was the Stand’s version of Eddie from the Dark Tower series…anyone else have any thoughts?)

I look forward to the next installment. I definitely recommend picking it up.

2 thoughts on “The Stand: Captain Trips

  1. Is this a by-the-numbers adaptation, or is it slightly different, sort of the way they’re doing the Dark Tower series?

  2. It is a pretty standard adaptation (as much of one as you can do with a book that is 23543544524526 pages long)

    The Dark Tower series is more of a bridge gapper between Roland’s adventure in book IV to the beginning of the Gunslinger…

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