The Wildlife

I have been back home now for a little over two weeks. In the two week period that I have driving back and forth to Altoona, I have seen more animals than the two years of driving from Crafton to Cranberry.

You may be thinking “well Josh, you were driving in the city and now you are out in the country.” Which is kind of true, but both of my drives were on interstate, which is where I have seen most of my animals. Also, Crafton to Cranberry is not really inside the city so there are trees and whatnot.

First of all, I have seen about 100 deer on the side of I-99. Deer can piss me off though, I can never tell when they are going to bolt across the highway and embed themselves against my car.

They might be some of the dumbest creatures out there. I think it is also too early in the year for any antlers, or would they be in velvet right now?

Anyways, this time of year is the Spring Gobler season for all those hunters out there. Well not to be one to brag, but I have seen not one, but two very nice goblers since starting over there. One had about a ten inch beard, the other an eight inch beard. Yes I used to be hunter back in the day, forgive me.

I also saw a gray fox the other day run across the road. I almost ran it over, which would have been a shame since they look pretty cool.

I bet they taste pretty bad too…I read about Wildmen one time and how they had recipes for almost every animal. They said coyote, fox, and mountain lions were the absolute worst. I am full of so much useful information today.

Last, but not least, I stopped at Bellwood the other day to get gas and maybe a Mountain Dew from Sheetz.

As I crossed the bridge going across the Little Juniata River, I noticed that trout were rising, taking flies. I flyfish, well I used to, and let me tell you, there is nothing more exhilirating than watching a fish come up out of the water and take your fly.
I wonder what it was taking? I think it is too early in the year for March Browns and Gray Foxes, but maybe it was a Blue Winged Olive. I guess I will never know.

The only interesting thing I ever saw on my previous ride to work was a spider monkey…

All photos taken by me. And by me, I obviously mean other people.

4 thoughts on “The Wildlife

  1. Dude, I almost ran over a black bear the other day, when I was going home from Jason’s house and playing Bomberman Live. Fortunately, bears are much smarter than deer, and it was fucking hauling ass across the road, instead of standing there gazing into my headlights.

  2. haha, I think a bear would eat my car. everyone knows bears love red peanut m&m’s. oh, my car look likes a red peanut m&m (in case you were wondering).

  3. I haven’t been outdoors in 13 years, so I didn’t understand a word of this post. I just wanted to say that I wish the black bear would have somehow pulled Nick from his car and eaten him alive.

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