Eureka Season Two

I recently finished watching Eureka season two on DVD. I really enjoy this show, and if you are not watching it, you really should be.

The premise is that there is a government town, where scientists live and pretty much have funding to work on any projects. Everyone is some kind of super genius, except for the sheriff.

The show can be a bit silly at times, these scientists constantly get into trouble and the sheriff has to investigate whatever crimes they are committing. It is kind of like Smallville in that way. However, this is not what makes the show so good. The characters are very interesting.

Jack Carter
The U.S. Marshall turned Eureka sheriff is the everyman of the show. He enjoys having a beer after work, eating pizza, and watching baseball (he is a Dodger fan, I will not hold this against him). He has to deal with crimes that involve advanced science, and usually has to have someone dumb everything down for him.

During the season one finale we find him in the future, married to Allison, who is pregnant with his child. He learns that Henry went back in time and saved his girlfriend who dies during an experiment, this time travel could cause the universe to end so he must go back and stop Henry. After he does this, the time line is restored, yet he and Henry still remember their future lives.

The fun at the beginning of the season was watching him try and woo Allison in the same manner as before, yet it does not work. He pushes her closer to her ex-husband, Nathan Stark.

Henry Deacon
Henry is the genius best friend of Jack. He is the one who always helps solve whatever problems there are in the town. Henry uses a device to help Jack forget the future time line, but then destroys it without using it on himself. He then says that he does not forgive Jack for changing time. He blames Jack for Kim’s death.

Allison Blake
Allison is now the head of Global Dynamics, the government facility where most of the people work. She flirts with Jack, but due to the things happening to her son, she finds herself getting closer to Nathan.

Jo Lupo
The smoking hot Deputy Sheriff. Jo is ex-special forces and would much rather take apart her gun collection than do anything remotely girly.

Nathan Stark
The former head of Global Dynamics. He is cocky, arrogant, and usually pretty shady. He has one Nobel prize and loves to make Jack feel stupid. The comedic moments between those two are great.

Zoe Carter
Jack’s teenage daughter (the actress just turned 18 today, very nice). She deals with being a “norm” in a school full of geniuses. Although, we are learning that she may be smart herself. Her recent IQ test came up as 157 (Jack’s was 111 when he was younger). Jack and her battle over things like: driving, dating, and keeping the house clean. When she asks to get a tattoo, he responds with “Umm, let me think about it…No. Wait, nope, answer is still no.” Just funny stuff like that.

Anyways, the characters are fun to watch and usually pretty funny. I am not saying it is the best show on TV, but if you want to watch something entertaining, give it a shot. Also, the chicks are pretty hot…