Last night I watched the movie Fanboys. I had heard that it was really good and pretty hilarious. Whoever told me that was mistaken. It was a decent film, and had some funny parts, but was not nearly as good as Free Enterprise.

The story revolves around four Star Wars fanboys, who in 1998 decide to break into Skywalker Ranch and steal the rough cut of Episode I. The reason behind this is one of the characters has cancer and will die before the movie is released.

The movie has plenty of funny scenes (Seth Rogen plays two characters, which are both pretty funny) and a pretty sweet Shatner scene (although Free Enterprise has Shatner being a bit insane, much funnier).

Sadly though, it just had way too many jokes that have done before. Nerds picking up hookers, thinking they are interested in them…and then one of them talking to the hooker to get advice, I know I have seen that somewhere else before.

One of the highlights of the movie though was Kristen Bell, who is always hot, dressed in the Princess Leia slave outfit.

Also, the cameos were pretty funny, especially Billy Dee Williams playing Judge Reinhold. This movie could have been much better if there was more subtle humor and jokes for actual fanboys, unfortunately the jokes are usually forced upon you.

The beauty of Free Enterprise is that the characters, although they are geeks, actually come off as a bit cool and realistic. The “I live in a basement/garage and like Star Wars/comics, and have never been laid” is pretty lame at this point.

2 thoughts on “Fanboys

  1. Fuck, I’ve been really pumped to see this (well, not pumped enough to make an effort to see it, but pumped enough to say “Hey, I want to see that” when anyone brings it up). I’m still going to watch it, and I hope I like it better than you did. But I’m going to check out Free Enterprise, too, if I can find it.

  2. Free Enterprise can be hard to come by, I had to order it off amazon (i think) and it took months to finally come in…

    Not saying I didn’t like it, just had the bar set a bit higher…

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