Super Randomness

Yeah, I know. It is Wednesday and I have not posted anything all week. I apologize. Allow me to explain what has been happening. Anyways, at work (you know, The Place That Shall Not Be Named! For Fear of Being Fired) I have been training a shift manager on third shift, which is great because I did nothing all weekend except answer questions and tell him what to do.

Sunday night I get a phone call from my step-dad saying they were rushing my mom to the ER. I was planning on leaving from work, but he called back and told me it was her appendix and that she was going to be fine. Once work ended, I went home, showered and then headed to State College to see my mommy. I went to the hospital (which I absolutely loathe, do not ask why) and went up to see her for a little bit. She is doing okay (thanks for asking).

After that, I went out to the mall to buy new sunglasses since mine broke. I buy very cheap sunglasses from Lids. Unlike most of you schmucks out there, I do not go through phones and sunglasses like a meth-addicted badger (go ahead, try to make sense of that one). In the last three years, one pair of sunglasses and 3 phones (I just got my new one, the only reason for the second one was because of the jumping). I might share a picture of the new shades, if you ask nicely. I will not share my meth, so piss off.

After that I stopped at Barnes & Noble to buy a book, luckily the new Godless World book came out, and has been pretty damn good so far. I then headed down to the Comic Swap and picked up my stuff, also a few other things (like Captain America #600 and Red Robin #1).

I would like to take a second to agree with Nick over at batmanobviously about Batman #687. It was a fantastic story and really helps bridge the gap between RIP and Battle for the Cowl (which was not much of a battle).

I got home, read some of my comics, and then decided to take a nap (it was around 3 p.m. and I had been up seen 8 p.m. the night before). I crawl into bed, set the alarm for 6:30. My thought was to get up, get some food, take a shower, watch some TV, then go out and drink some beers. Well I must have been more tired than I thought. I missed the alarm, woke up at 2 a.m. and could not fall back asleep. I got up, read some of my book, watched TV, ate breakfast at The Little Restaurant (no Willie Parker there today), and then headed to work.

By the time I got home from work at midnight, I was pretty exhausted. Unfortunately not too tired to turn on HBO and get sucked into The Dark Knight…so that has been my life the last couple of days. Onto other news.

Fantasy Baseball and Pirates Stuff
My team in Ryan’s league is sucking balls right now. I really do not know why, I start the week winning, then end up losing by one or two every week. Starting to get annoying.

My other team is still winning, so no need to complain about that.

The big talk for the Pirates is who will be traded next. I really have no problem with anyone being traded, as long as we get something out of the deal. No stupid trades. Remember, .500 is not the goal. Creating a winner is the goal, trying to finish .500 is pretty much the same as giving a guy a handjob.

Anyways, over at WHYGAVS one commenter (Bishop) sums everything up with this fantastic line:

On a team like the Pirates, having a above-average closer is like
putting a five-grand stereo in a Yugo.

Very true.

I know many of you are pretty anti-Twitter (unless you were directed here from Twitter), but I think you should still use it. I do not update constantly, in fact maybe a few times a day, and half of them are about being pissed because I have to get ready for work (speaking of which, I should start getting ready). In some ways it is the ultimate link dump, people with similar interests posting links to things that interest me. Seriously, my days is pretty much full because of reading sites now. Not that this is really anything different than normal…anyways, if you want to follow me on Twitter click HERE.

The Big Finish
I really wanted to write more, but I ran out of time. Now I have to get a shower. Anyways, would this be one of those random posts without a picture of a hot girl? Exactly, so here is Cody Lane, a very hot porn star, who has helped me with the big finish a few times. That’s a masturbation joke.

3 thoughts on “Super Randomness

  1. At this point, .500 has to be a goal for the Pirates. It’s not the end goal, of course, just A goal. Baby steps.

    Maybe I should put hot girls in my blog like you and Offord do. Maybe then I can attract more than one reader.

  2. I clicked on the link about you getting jumped, saw the June 17 date, and was all ready to be like, “Dude, that sucks! Are you alright?” Then Jason told me it was a year ago. It still sucks, but I assume you’re alright by now.

    Thanks for the link. You reading all the other Bat-books, too?

    I’m not giving anyone a handjob for .500. Probably not even for a wildcard berth. Winning the division … maybe. Fortunately, it’s at least 2011 before that’s even possible, so I’d have a couple years to prepare myself psychologically.

  3. James…yes it is a goal in the sense that it’s something to achieve for the players or team, but not the front office. They should not be thinking of ways to get to .500, instead just worry about building a championship team.

    Hot girls helps. Shameless self promotion helps too…

    Nick…Yeah, I am fine now, thanks for asking though.

    Almost all the others, not the Dini ones, but I might pick them up to give ’em a try. Always a fan, despite what you said in your review.

    I would recommend using your left hand…

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