I heard from multiple people that the movie Taken was pretty good. One of those people was my friend Steve, who never sees new movies. In fact, unless it has been on FX or TBS, he has not seen it yet. He received a bootlegadvanced copy of the movie and told me that it was awesome.

So, I decided to watch it the other day. It was really good. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing mind blowing about the movie. It is just a good action flick, one dude going around beating the crap out of everyone in his path.

When I first saw the preview, I thought it would be weird if Liam’s character was some kind of mob enforcer, since how would he be that good at tracking these guys? Well it turn’s out he is ex-CIA, and has quite a few connections.

Also, it was nice to have a movie that did not need to end in some mind blowing twist. It would have been horrible if at the end we learn that Liam actually had her kidnapped so he could rescue her and make them closer. That is the stuff that usually happens in movies nowadays. Nope, not this movie. Liam kills everyone and rescues his daughter.

Another awesome part is when he shoots the French guy’s wife in the arm. It was so quick and unexpected. The movie reminded me of old episodes of 24, when Jack would torture and kill anyone that got in his way. Unlike this season where he just twitched a bunch and argued with everyone about the merits of torturing.

So, if you want to watch a movie and feel good about torture, then check this one out. It’s a nice relaxing movie.

It also has Maggie Grace, who looks not nearly as hot as she did in Lost, but whatever, she is still hot.

5 thoughts on “Taken

  1. That pic of Shannon is super hot. Holy cow. It took me until right before she was kidnapped to figure out why she looked so familiar. The first season of Lost was so long ago.

    I liked the lack of tricks in this movie, too. Not only with the plot, but with how it was shot. No silly shaky cam or anything. Just Liam walking around and taking dudes out. Reminded me of the first Bourne film in that way, before Greengrass came aboard and made the next two installments into garbage.

  2. I liked the entire Bourne series, but I know what you mean. I did not feel like puking after watching the movie because of the shaking.

  3. I love the fight scenes in the first one because they seem so real. You can actually appreciate that Bourne has this exceptional fighting ability. In the second two, it’s as if there’s one punch thrown, then someone puts the Earth in a dryer for five minutes before Bourne drives off in a car.

  4. Haha,true. The fight with Clive Owen is one of the best fights out there, the later ones are usually hard to see what is going on.

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