A New Era

With the Pirates trades today of Jack Wilson, Freddy Sanchez, and Ian Snell, the Pirates are entering a new era. Since the new regime has taken over, it cannot be said that they have not tried to change (for the better I hope). Need some proof? Kacie and I went to this game. The Buccos won the game over the Rangers with Ian Snell pitching, here was the starting lineup:

Bautista 3B
Duffy CF
Sanchez 2B
Bay LF
LaRoche 1B
Nady RF
Castillo SS
Paulino C
Snell P

Not one guy from that game plays for the team now. McLouth was a defensive replacement for Nady. Snell pitched a complete game. Talk about craziness.

So what are my thoughts on the trades? I liked both of them today. The pitcher (Alderson) we got for Sanchez sounds like he could be a good 2-3 starter (only 20 and doing very well in AA).

Honestly, I cannot believe we got that much for Wilson. I know most people like to believe those two are superstars, but the truth is they were not that spectacular. Wilson is great at defense, average bat. Sanchez, well he can hit for a high average, but no power and he sometimes slumps like crazy. Also both are injury prone.

It is sad to see them both go, especially when you think about games where everyone of us has seen them do something amazing. I believe though, these moves can help this team into the future, and we may actually see the beginnings of a real winning team emerge.

3 thoughts on “A New Era

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  2. Nick and I were freaking out at work yesterday when the Wilson/Snell trade went through. We couldn’t believe the Mariners gave up five players (three decent arms) for those two.

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