Burn Notice Season One

I finally decided to stop being stupid and watch the first season of Burn Notice. I have never seen an episode, but many people have told me to check it out. I finished watching it last night, and I must say that I am tempted to rush to the store to buy season two.

The show is about Michael Westen, a spy who has received a burn notice, which means he has been cut off. No job, no history, no anything. He is stuck in Miami (which he explains at the beginning of each episode). To make money he takes on little odd jobs, all while working on figuring out why he was burned.

Westen is a very funny character, usually giving us little bits of information such as “when breaking into a house, it pays off to make it look like you should be there or you are confused. Grab a yogurt from the fridge, that helps.” Yeah, I paraphrased, but you get the idea. Watching him create lies and backstories is always amusing. Plus we get to see actual spy stuff, which is cool since you never get to see that sort of thing in a Bond movie (unless parkour and Texas Hold ‘Em are spy activities).

Also, the show has Bruce Campbell. Do I really need to say anything else? Okay, how about another picture of Gabrielle Anwar, who plays Michael’s ex-girlfriend…