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The video is of Kevin Smith talking about Twilight girls at San Diego Comic-Con. This is mostly for Kacie, since I always make fun of the series when I see her. Anyways, here are some of Smith’s thoughts he posted on twitter as well. Quite amusing.

# Heads up to all ‘tween girl Tweeters who’ve added me ’cause of TWILIGHT talk: I Tweet about anal with my wife alot. And it never “shimmers”.about 11 hours ago from web
I’ve never read TWILIGHT, but anything that gets a kid to read and gives my daughter something to bond with her friends over is okay by me.about 11 hours ago from web
So many hate-filled Tweets directed at shrieking teen vampire fans. Why would you wanna chase girls away from Con? They roll with Cougars.about 11 hours ago from web
Oh the irony of Hall H-ers booing TWILIGHT fans. Like a Trekkie passing a JEDI fan and muttering “Loser.” Embrace next gen of geeks, people.about 11 hours ago from web

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