It’s That Time Again

This week and the past weekend have went by way too fast, and as you can tell there have been no real posts from me. In fact, the last post was well thought out in my head, unfortunately being up since 4 a.m. did not help out the actual writing.

Anyways, let me give you a recap of the things I have been doing this week and whatnot.

I saw the movie over the weekend, and as you can tell it must not have been good enough to get its own post. Do not get me wrong, at times the movie was hilarious, but some of the other stuff was not all that good. It’s about what I expected, if you watched Da Ali G Show, you’ll agree that Brüno was the weakest character.

The highlight of the movie is the ending, watching drunken rednecks freak out about their hero being gay is hilarious (especially the fat dude who is so angry, he is close to tears.) I did not like the Ron Paul bit, they try to make him look bad, yet he reacted how many people would (even if they were extremely tolerant) if some guy started taking his clothes off and tried to seduce them.

Anyways, the movie is funny, just nothing near the level as Borat.

On Saturday night, Kacie and I went to my grandparents house to play poker. I ended up winning the final game by taking Kacie, Pap, and Gram out in one hand, allowing me to score all the money ($22, I’m rich). Yes, I may have tricked Kacie into calling, but whatever, I never claimed to be ethical.

The worst thing about working at 6:30 a.m.: Getting up at 4:45. That shit sucks. Especially on Wednesday, I got up at 4 and had to be at Indiana for a meeting. I hate meetings. Sadly this is as specific as I can get about the Place That Shall Not Be Named for Fear That They Will Fire Me.

All-Star Game
I sat up watching the home run derby. It was pretty dull this year. I went to bed after the first round, Berman and Morgan made me ill. The All-Star game was probably a good one, but I had to get to bed. It was ridiculous that they did not get started until after 9. Also, asking the President if he wants to stick around in the booth was annoying. He’s the President, he has things he needs to be doing, not being the color man for Fox’s baseball broadcasts.

The Flash
I recently read the two Flash trades that the Comic Swap included into my order. Apparently they reprint the Morrison/Millar run on the title, but were from the late 90s or something. They sucked.

Why does Grant Morrison have a thing for words that have no vowels and odd letter combos? I think he comes up with names by just randomly hitting the keyboard, like so: aoangsd and then replacing the vowels with Z,X,Y: Zxyngsd, the newest Batman villain.

You can tell Millar is helping out on the book because there are all kinds of random pop culture references in there (sadly most of them are ten years old by now, and it’s hard to remember them). Oh look, Wally is sad and mourning, let’s give him a goatee, longer hair, and a flannel. Pearl Jam rocks!

I keep playing, I still have not won the jackpot. I will let you know when I do though.

This is Zaira Nara. No clue who she is, but she is hot and her name rhymes (I think)

3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. Regarding Bruno, I also thought it was only ok. What you were saying about the Ron Paul bit I think applies to pretty much the whole movie. In most of the situations, the prank victims were riled up to the point where their reactions were the only logical conclusion. Even the MMA bit,I mean if you went to an event of pretty much any kind and it was interrupted by something you didn’t come there to see, you’d be pissed too. Even perfectly tolerant people would be pissed if two OSU dudes starting making out on the field in the middle of the 2nd quarter, holding up the game.

  2. Yeah, I guess that is why the gay community seems to be at odds on whether or not the movie should be praised or damned.

  3. And the people would be pissed because they were from OSU, not because they were gay. In fact, they would probably be justifiably murdered for being from OSU. I do not think any court would see that as illegal.

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