Stop That or You’ll Go Blind!

Not a whole lot has been happening lately, so I figured I would just point out some blogs you should be reading. These are all at the side, but maybe some of you just never bother to check them out.

The first one I need to direct you to is I know nobody asked but…, written by someone I know from my days of going to Mugshots. He is a funny guy and has an opinion on just about everything happening in the world. If you know him, you can pretty much hear him saying these things. So maybe I am biased, but you should check him out.

Next is my friend James. Many of you know him, and if you remember he was the inspiration for me to start this blog. Even though he does not post often enough, every time he does post something it is great. Imagine this blog, but written by someone with talent.

Last, but not least: Schindler’s Pull List. I know what you are thinking, “I have never seen this over on the side.” And you are correct, the guys at batman obviously finally changed the name of their blog.

It’s funny, I do not remember how long ago it was when Jason from over there started commenting on here (I thought it was one of the multiple Jason’s that comment here anyways, until I clicked on his profile). For awhile I was pretty much the only person commenting, and now look at them. Getting free comics sent to them, tons of readers, a nationally syndicated radio show (okay I made that one up, but they have a pretty sweet podcast) and now a brand new blog not affiliated with any specific character. Congratulations to Nick, Jason, and Mark for such an awesome site, and for helping me waste more time on the internet.

Also, if you go there, they kept the banner they made of my site for their friends section. Jason thought it would help bring traffic here, sadly I think most people get scared and think it must be some kind of homosexual porn site.

3 thoughts on “Stop That or You’ll Go Blind!

  1. You super awesome guy. Thanks for all the attention. I totally remember the days when you were the only person that ever came to our site. Now there’s at least three more.

    How has that link affected your traffic? Of the image links in our sidebar, yours is def the best. There isn’t any skin in the others, other than WITA’s super close up of her pink face. “Despero, is that you?”

  2. It definitely helped give me some more traffic, although, I don’t think any of them come back when they realize I don’t talk about comics all that often.

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