Death of a God(ric)

Everyone has been asking me my thoughts on this week’s episode of True Blood, and let me just say that it was fantastic, yet very sad.

Godric decided to end his own life (or death? whatever) by walking out into the sun. He naturally had a nice talk with Sookie before the sun came up, he even says how after 2000 years he can still be shocked by humans. It was a very touching moment, especially Eric’s reaction…

What else happened during the episode? Well Sookie and Jason sit down and have a nice chat about what’s been going in their lives. This has actually been the first time in this series where they act like brother and sister.

We also got to see Eric being the best character on the show. After the bomb went off, he shielded Sookie from the blast, then tricks her into sucking some of the shrapnel from his chest.

She swallows some of his blood, which links her with Eric now. Bill informs her that she will also develop sexual feelings for him. Which, in a dream sequence, we see her with Eric.

Does anyone else see Sookie getting upset that when she drank Bill’s blood the first time, he failed to mention this side effect to her? Remember how she started having those dreams about him before they first hooked up? Is Bill every bit of a jerk as Eric (probably, but Eric is much cooler)?

Also, Godric made a comment about the sun not taking too long to kill him. I wonder if the older you are as a vampire, the more sensitive you are to sunlight? Remember, Bill ran around outside for awhile and just got minor burns. This is interesting because it is the exact opposite of Anne Rice’s vampires, who get so powerful after awhile that sunlight gives them a mild tan.

Lafayette seems to be unaffected by Maryann (could it be the V-blood?). It was fun watching him beat up on Eggs. Screw you and your washboard abs.