Eureka 3.0

As many of you know, one of my guilty pleasures is the show Eureka. I recently picked up the third season, or what I thought was the third season, only to get home and find out that it was the first eight episodes and the rest of the season will be out on DVD later in the year.

So far the season has been pretty good, nothing spectacular, but what can you expect? Most of the episodes feel like they have been done before, but it is the unique cast and the drama within their lives that makes the show interesting.

On a sad note, I should have realized that Nathan Stark would die as soon as I saw him on True Blood. He died on his wedding day saving the town (and probably the universe), and still managed to be a dick most of the episode. He will be missed.

A nice edition to the show is Ever Carradine, who plays Carter’s wacky sister. She believes in spiritual things, plays weird music, does yoga…and is pregnant with twins. She adds a nice touch to the show by annoying Carter with her antics.

I look forward to the second half coming out on DVD in order to find out what happens. I mean, will Carter be brought back as sheriff? Will Ever Carradine’s twins turn out to be space aliens? Will Carter and Allison hook up? There are all important questions…