I have written about my love for True Blood, but what about the other HBO series on Sunday (not Entourage). I am talking about Hung. Let me say that the show is pretty good, but not great.

Thomas Jane plays a dad/high school basketball coach, whose house burns down and he needs money to pay to get it fixed. He decides to become a male prostitute because, well he has a very large cock.

The show is pretty funny at times, yet it feels like it should be on CBS or NBC. There is nothing that makes it mind-blowing or anything else like the other HBO shows. The most interesting thing so far has been his relationship with client Jemma (Natalie Zea, who is very hot). She hires Ray to make her happy, but not just through sex. This is the only point in the show where there is a difference between what a woman would want from a prostitute and what a guy would want.

Hopefully as the series progresses they take more chances and show Ray doing things that might not be expected.

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  1. I am patiently waiting for your review of Sunday’s True Blood episode. It was the best one of the series thus far…I cannot believe you have said nothing about it!!

    ps…how was Distrit 9

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