True Blood: Jason is Your God

So the main complaint I am reading on the internet is that the episode tonight was way too short. It was definitely short, especially when you consider the first few minutes was another Eric/Sookie sex dream. Fortunately, the half hour or so of actual material was pretty awesome.

Jason, Sookie, and Bill arrive back home to find the place in complete chaos. Meanwhile Sam and Andy are trapped at the bar, Lafayette and Tara’s mom have Tara tied up while she says weird shit with the creepy black eyes.

Sookie and Bill head to the house and confront Maryann, who shows that she is more powerful than either of them. Bill tries to bite her and he starts puking up green shit. She comes for Sookie, but Sookie shows another talent (no, not standing there being a moron). She has some kind of light come from her hand zap Maryann’s face.

They escape and head to Lafayette’s place, where Sookie and Bill are able to get her out of the trance. Sookie informs Bill of the chant she heard, and he remembers something he read long ago. He then heads to see the Queen. When he gets there we see her leg and blood dripping off her. She is not dead, probably just feasting on a bunch of people or something.

The funniest part of the episode was Jason pretending to be the god they are waiting for. He does his best to be all bad ass sounding, but in typical Jason fashion, he says dumb stuff. “Thank you for your offering, your crops will be good and umm…” funny stuff.

Remember what Daphne told Sam? She said that Maryann has some power over other supernaturals (I really wish Sam and Dean would show up and start killing). Apparently she can force shifters to shift, and she cannot be harmed by a vampire. Fortunately, her power does not seem to affect them. I wonder if Lafayette can be turned all blackeyed since he has a lot of vamp blood in him.

Also, I wonder why Tara’s mom did not turn? How will Jason fare against Maryann? So many questions, and only two episodes left.