True Blood: Timebomb

As I stated last week, if True Blood kept getting better, I might keep writing about it. Well tonight’s episode was the best of the season so far.

First off, I want to say that Godric is the coolest vampire on the entire show. The vampires come to rescue him, and they plan to kill everyone in the church. Godric comes in and pretty much lets them know that they will not harm anyone. He believes the vampires and humans can live together and that vampires embarrass themselves by not being more evolved than they are.

On the Maryann front, she cooks Eggs and Tara a souffle with Daphne’s heart in it. They love it, then get real weird. Like start beating the shit out of each other. Sam is accused of Daphne’s murder, and only Drunk Andy can help him out.

Back at Godric’s house, Lorena comes to confront (try to make a fool of) Sookie. She attacks her and Godric steps in. He belittles her and says that she is the worst kind of vampire, old and still savage. He says that he can snap her like a twig and that she should never come back to his area. Luke comes to the party and decides to unleash a bomb, which is how the episode ends.

Some cool moments/lines
-Godric’s line about wishing he could have met Jesus. I would like to see the show address a vampire who met Jesus at some point, maybe say how he was not all that special, or that he was, whichever.

-Jessica’s predicament. She will always be a virgin. Her hymen grows back every night. That’s pretty messed up.

-Eric calling out Bill. “Are you picking a fight? I would like to see you try.” Seriously Bill, Eric would destroy you, calm down.

-I love how Jason is at the party talking to some chick when Luke walks in. Looks like the old Jason is back…

-Eric also had some other great lines, like telling Sookie (after she says about the bond between maker/vampire) “do not talk to me about things you do not understand.” And then after she says something about her love with Bill “do not talk to me of things I do not understand.” I am paraphrasing here.

-Jason’s awkward hug with Bill. Just fit the characters well.

-“I sodomized a pine tree.”–BEST LINE EVER

Okay, so I cannot wait until next week’s episode. And for Gideon, a picture of Eggs’ abs.

Wow, a post without hot chicks. This one is for the ladies (and Gideon)

4 thoughts on “True Blood: Timebomb

  1. I cannot believe you didnt put up Jason’s quote about heaven being inside the wife. That was hysterical!

    I felt bad for Jessica…but lets face it Hoyt was probably stoked to sleep with a virgin ALL the time *L*

    I am really excited for next week. I want to see exactly what it looks like when that bomb goes off in the vamp house. Hopefully Godric will be ok because he is a great asset and I dont want to lose him soo soon!!

    also…we havent seen sookie’s boobs in awhile, and I think its about time we do!

  2. I thought the Jason line was kinda lame, now the punch was funny and his line while walking away “stupid, white suit mother fucker.” was fantastic.

    who in their right mind would want to sleep with a virgin all the time? That is the definition of Hell.

    I want to see Jessica’s boobs, or Tara’s.

  3. I LOVE love him..
    so sweet ..
    eggs? is that his name ?
    but he is seriously perfect ( well except for his mostly goofy face,.)
    I just look at his mostly always naked chest

  4. Yes, that is his nickname (his name is Benedict, which Tara asked why no one calls him that? I wonder if she gets the joke, somehow I doubt it.)

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