Vacation Part Two

Last week I was on vacation, and like usual, I am going to pretty much force my exploits down all of your throats. Yes, I am evil.

It started out with a bang. Friday night my brother calls me to go out to the Pub in Philipsburg. We drink, shoot pool, and have a fantastic time. Unfortunately, nothing all that insane happened, so I will not go into the minute details.

On Saturday, I hung out with Kacie, which is always a fun time. We watched movies and just relaxed. Very nice, I needed it after the week of work I had. Sunday, I packed up my things and headed on down to Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I had to go because of mine and Steve’s court date.

I thought court was on Monday, but I was wrong and it was definitely on Tuesday. So, I went over to Mugshots and got drunk with MCA and Steve. We then drank at Steve’s place with Nicole (nothing like drinking until 5:00 a.m.)

Tuesday comes and we head to court, which gets postponed yet again! Talk about annoying. Hopefully this will end in October (especially with the jerk in jail).

So, I headed on home and packed more stuff up and headed to the beach. That is where some insanity happened. Let me explain what a few days of drinking all day can be like with me. I sometimes say things you should not say to people in public.

The first night (after doing way too many shots at a few bars), I hopped on the bus to head down to the club. There was this ugly, skanky whore on the bus. She was talking to my friend and I. She kept saying she was 31 and that she used to be a stripper. She also kept asking these 16 year old girls if they wanted to do coke, which they declined. Here are some of the things I said to this woman:
“31? Are you fuckin’ insane? You are definitely pushing 50, maybe 60.”
“You did coke when you were 15? Look girls, this is what happens when you do drugs. You shrivel up and become a whore.”
“You were a stripper? You couldn’t pay me enough to see you naked.”

These kind of insults kept going on and on. She thought we were going to pay her cover to the club (it was like $25). When we get to the door, she says “I am with them” (we had free passes). I then respond “like hell, why would we bring a nasty, old whore into a club with hot chicks everywhere?” She ends up paying the cover and following us around.

Inside the club, I got ridiculously drunk and stumbled around a bunch. I then proceeded to get a cab and go back to where I was staying and pass out. This was impressive because when I was sober I could not remember the address or find the place.

The next ended up getting crazier. I met these cool people, who happened to be Philly fans, at a Steelers bar. They were older than me, but they loved just making fun of everyone. We sat at the bar and just verbally abused everyone we could. Yes, I am mature. Needless to say we went to a few bars together, shot some pool (I won), played shuffleboard (I lost) and took over the jukebox at some little dive bar.

I later went to another bar and got plenty drunk yet again, and watched my friend try to get into a fight. After calming that situation, I met some Pittsburgh folks and started a nice Steelers chant, which started a nice verbal war between us and some Ravens fans. We ended up on the bus continuing the verbal battles. Needless to say it was pretty fun.

I came back home and pretty much let my body heal up. I went to work on Monday, and then had two more days off. I went to Champs on Monday night, then out to the Pub and then Suttons on Tuesday.

It was an excellent time, and I am completely rested up and ready to get back to work. Okay, that’s a lie, I wish I could stay on vacation. I need to hit the Powerball.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Part Two

  1. im a little disappointed i wasnt mentioned about drinking at mugshots with ya on monday…AND you guysdidnt get a hold of me for hangin at the lube after your court hearing…deuchebag

  2. I’m sorry for not mentioning ya, I was pretty drunk at the point you came over. Then really drunk at Steve’s place.

    I actually left after court, well Steve and I tossed the ball around for a bit, but then I realized I needed to get packed for the beach.

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