MVP Watch 4

I apologize for not updating last week, really busy with a seminar and whatnot. No excuse really, just thought I should let you know. Lets have a look at the guys I consider to be contenders for MVP and see how they did this week. Each week I recap their week using these stats: Hits/HRs/SB/BA/OBP/SLG/R/K/BB/Team Record for Week.

Pujols: 13/3/0/.333/.440/.641/7/4/7/5-6
H-Ram: 14/2/2/.280/.351/.400/8/9/6/8-5
Fielder: 14/3/0/.333/.453/.667/10/9/9/8-4
Braun: 15/1/1/.319/.365/.447/8/8/3/8-4
Howard: 9/3/2/.205/.368/.455/8/11/10/10-3

Pujols: 151 (36)
H-Ram: 128 (30)
Howard: 125 (36)
Braun: 121 (33)
Fielder: 117 (43)

Fielder had a pretty great week, but it still looks like Pujols is a lock to win this race. Now, onto the exciting part.

Mauer: 16/2/0/.432/.523/.676/7/4/7/7-5
Cabrera: 14/2/2/.286/.386/.449/6/8/8/4-9
Texeira: 18/2/0/.419/.426/.814/7/9/1/6-5
Abreu: 11/0/1/.256/.327/.349/5/8/6/7-5
Jeter: 14/0/2/.326/.420/.372/7/10/7/6-5

Mauer: 163 (44)
Texeira: 142 (37)
Cabrera: 140 (33)
Jeter: 130 (33)
Abreu: 130 (26)

Texeira moves past Cabrera for the second spot. He had a fantastic stretch, but unfortunately, it does not really compare to Mauer. If Joe Mauer does not win the MVP this year, it will be pretty sad. Especially if the Twins catch the Tigers for the division…