MVP Watch Week 2

Lets have a look at the guys I consider to be contenders for MVP and see how they did this week. Each week I recap their week using these stats: Hits/HRs/SB/BA/OBP/SLG/R/K/BB/Team Record for Week.

Pujols: 8/1/2/.400/.500/.750/4/1/4/5-1
H-Ram: 7/0/1/.318/.423/.318/3/1/3/3-3
Howard: 11/5/0/.393/.433/1.000/5/8/2/4-3
Braun: 8/2/0/.267/.303/.500/5/9/1/4-3
Fielder: 7/3/0/.259/.375/.593/4/4/5/4-3

Rank (This weeks score in parenthesis)
Pujols: 70 (44)
Howard: 68 (37)
H-Ram: 63 (29)
Braun: 62 (25)
Fielder: 53 (30)

Pujols rebounded nicely, as did Ryan Howard. Funny that Braun did not strike out at all last week, and this week he struck out 9 times (in less games). Not a very good week.

Mauer: 5/0/0/.200/.200/.200/2/3/0/4-2
Morneau: 3/1/0/.136/.240/.364/3/5/3/4-2
Crawford: 2/0/1/.143/.133/.143/1/2/0/2-2
Texeira: 5/1/0/.208/.286/.375/4/5/3/4-2
Abreu: 3/1/1/.136/.286/.273/5/3/5/2-4

Mauer: 83 (36)
Texeira: 72 (45)
Abreu: 68 (41)
Crawford: 61 (31)
Morneau: 57 (38)

What a worthless span of games. How the hell do you have a lower OBP than BA?? What the hell were you doing this week Carl Crawford. Seriously, no wonder we started discussing Jeter and Morales. Anyways, Mauer still seems to be in the lead (especially in my super scientific made up ranking system). I almost wanted to dock Abreu points for having a losing record. It is funny that I started this to keep track, mainly to help argue for Mauer, but if the AL guys keep playing like this, who cares who wins.

It seems like the NL could actually become a race. Pujols seemed to be a lock, but who knows (this was about the point last year where the Dunn/Howard argument started, which at the time was an okay argument, until Howard decided to destroy baseballs for all of September…could he be setting up to do it again?)

5 thoughts on “MVP Watch Week 2

  1. It occurred to me the other day that the Angels have a chance to maybe(?) be the first team ever to have its entire lineup finish the season batting over .300. As of now, only Napoli (.281), Izturis/Kendrick (.283/.298), and ABREU (.297) are below it. Probably not realistic because of Napoli, but it is obvious that they are an offensive powerhouse as a TEAM. You cannot say that this lineup would suffer much sans Abreu. Now the Tigers? If you take out Cabrera that team is fighting off the Indians for third place in the Central…

    My recommendation is to remove Abreu from the list and add either Cabrera or Morales.

  2. After a seemingly endless tour of the US, I’m back home and ready to chime in. The first thing I’ve noticed upon gettin back in the groove is that CC is getting a lot of recognition as the Cy Young top contender, with Greinke as the second place guy. I never really considered CC because his first half was pretty unspectacular, but after the All Star break he’s been incredible. If he gets 20 wins I say he’s pretty much a lock. Though I still think Felix is getting no love and I maintain he should be ranked above Verlander.

    On the MVP front, it appears that Jeter has been getting more MVP talk than Teixeira. Lifetime achievement probably plays a bit into that, it should be noted. I’m fine with either, as long as the pinstripes snatch up every award possible.

    With regards to your stat upkeep, Josh, you could probably get Abreu outta there at this point, probably Mourneau as well (i’m putting my foot down here; no one will get my MVP vote if they’re batting sub 300 – unless they wear pinstripes). Adding in all 3 of those alternates could be interesting, and more work for you! That’s a win-win.

  3. I would say that Jeter is getting consideration because of his outstanding play. I know that this will go over like a lead balloon, but he is second in the AL in VORP behind Mauer.

    I would say that if voters have to come down to those two players, then yes, some voters might go with Jeter because of his tenure in the league.

    As far as adding Jeter to the discussion, I have no problem with that, I could replace Morneau with him and just give Jeter his points, or an average score…I will not take Abreu out of the runnings though. Only because I find it ridiculous that his name is mentioned (and not just by Ryan, but writers who obviously watch more yachting than baseball…)

  4. I’d drop Morneau, anyone on the Rays, and Abreu from the conversation. I agree that it will either be Tiexiera, Jeter, or Mauer. I still think Cabrera deserves to be in the discussion though.

    And C.C. over Grienke? I don’t know about that…I think Carpenter has all but locked up the CY in the NL, as well as Pujols with MVP. If Rasmus wins ROY that would be a clean sweep for the Cards. WS Favorites anyone?

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