MVP Watch Week 3

Lets have a look at the guys I consider to be contenders for MVP and see how they did this week. Each week I recap their week using these stats: Hits/HRs/SB/BA/OBP/SLG/R/K/BB/Team Record for Week.

Pujols: 12/3/0/.462/.533/.923/10/1/4/5-2
Fielder: 6/1/0/.231/.355/.462/4/7/5/2-4
Braun: 8/0/2/.333/.429/.417/3/6/4/2-4
H-Ram: 6/2/0/.353/.455/.824/5/5/4/3-3
Howard: 9/1/0/.346/.370/.654/2/7/1/2-5

Pujols: 115 (45)
H-Ram: 98 (35)
Howard: 89 (21)
Braun: 88 (26)
Fielder: 74 (21)

This really does not seem like much of a race, Pujols is continuing to destroy the ball. H-Ram is in second place, but it’s not much of a race at this point.

Mauer: 11/1/1/.393/.433/.571/4/3/1/4-3
Texeira: 8/3/0/.258/.378/.613/10/10/5/6-2
Abreu: 6/1/1/.286/.516/.524/4/6/9/4-3
Jeter: 8/0/1/.242/.375/.273/4/7/7/7-1
Cabrera: 8/1/1/.348/.467/.478/5/2/6/6-1

Mauer: 119 (36)
Cabrera: 107 (39)
Texeira: 105 (33)
Abreu: 104 (36)
Jeter: 97 (29)

I decided to put Cabrera and Jeter into the mix. Because I did not feel like going back and redoing each weeks results, I just gave those two an average score (which ended up being equal to Abreu’s total of 68).

I know someone is going to notice that Jeter and Texeira have different records. They both received a game off at different times. Anyways, Mauer is still the leader, but Cabrera and Texeira are creeping up on him. Fortunately this week was much better for the AL than last week.

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  1. Josh, don’t forget to set your lineup for Kevin’s fantasy football league. Everyone starts out on the bench so you have to drag all your players up.

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