One Great Day

My body has finally started to recover. From what you may be asking? From the last few days that I have put myself through. As you know, I am on vacation this week and I have definitely started it off with a bang.

The weekend was pretty much standard fare, drinking/football/laying on the couch…Monday though, that was a different story. Steve and I went to the Pirates home opener this season, and we decided that it would be cool to go to the home closer.

We do our normal tradition of heading to Denny’s for breakfast, then grabbing a six-pack, then heading to the stadium. We got there around noon, cracked our beers before the bridge and made our way towards the parking lot. Once over there we found Nicole (Steve’s girlfriend, Mugshots bartender, awesome girl who dresses like Supergirl for Halloween) and her friends.

We are the only people in the parking lot tailgating. Normal people are at work or in the stadium (the game has started already). Me and the one girl (Ashley) start playing catch with a football. I am wearing my favorite jeans, which have a slight hole in the ass, but nothing major. I bend down to grab the football, and hear a ripping sound. I reach back and my pants are ripped completely down the ass.

I have to walk around the rest of the day with this hole in the pants, which the friends of Nicole keep making jokes about (do not worry, it did not bother me once I was drunk).

We finally decide to head into the game, it is the 7th inning. We do not bother to look for our seats, just head to the left field bleachers and begin cheering on the Bucs, who are up 9-0. Andy LaRoche hits a ball of the foul pole and makes it 11-0. The old guys in front of us are offended because we are having fun (we made sure to not swear or say anything offensive). We are just being loud and doing the wave.

Steve and I start to get excited in the 9th inning because if Duke gets a complete game shutout, that means we would have seen him throw two shutouts, and Paul Maholm throw one as well. Go to three games and they never give up a run? Damn, they should buy us season tickets…

Alas, it was not so, Duke gave up a triple, then a sac fly scored the man. Oh well, the Pirates won…

After that we head to the South Side and drink at the Haufbrahaus (that could be the spelling, I am way too lazy to check), where we argue about the spelling of rendezvous (apparently there is no X in it like I thought).

We leave there and go to Station Square, a place called Dirty Harry’s (I could be making some of these names up). Steve and I are going to shoot pool, but Nicole wants to go to Bar Louies for martini’s. So they go across the street (Ashley and I stayed because we already had beer’s). They said they would be a few minutes…Ashley and I play darts and talk about stuff. Those guys finally get back and we shoot some pool. Let me say, I now know most of Ashley’s history, likes/dislikes/reasons for getting married/how she made a mistake…any longer and I am sure I would have been pulling out a couch and saying things like “and how does that make you feel?”

We leave there and head back over to Bar Louies, where we drink a few more, Steve and I head outside to smoke and decide to piss in the Mon. It was a cool view though, nothing like a nice backdrop for a piss.

At this point, Steve is starting to get a little drunk. Ashley leaves with some guy, and we are now down to three. Steve’s friend Mikaelya (that cannot possibly be how you spell her name) comes to get us and takes us to the LBC (apparently some Mount Oliver bar). We drink there for a bit, Steve’s sister joins us there.

It starts to get later in the evening, and Mikaelya takes us back to Mugshots. We drink a few more and then it becomes apparent we are both about done. We drank until about two in the morning though, a nice fun 13 hour drinking binge.

Here is the question I pose to you out there? Are you down for next years home opener? Can we top the insanity of this season?

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  1. so thats what you were doin when you called to get me out to mt. oliver? And by insanity did you by chance mean debilitating? Weak? Abominable? GIRLY? thats my favorite.

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