Sports Stupidity

Do you listen to Sports Talk Radio? I do, in fact one of the things I miss about living in Pittsburgh is listening to 1250 and also Mark Madden. Most of you that have listened to Madden know that he can be a complete jerk to his callers, which can be funny at times.

Anyways, up here in hillbilly land, we really do not get too much local sports talk shows. Usually ESPN Radio just has some of their syndicated stuff, which is good, but sometimes I want to hear someone talk about the Pirates, Steelers, PSU, etc…

The only time I really get that is when I leave work at 4 p.m. and get a chance to listen to Cory Giger from the Altoona Mirror. His show is usually pretty good, and he does a great job of taking callers seriously, most of the time.

Well the other day he received a call from a guy (I think Clint was his name). Clint brings up that the day before Cory said that the Vikings were the best team as of week two. Clint says that it is ridiculous to say who the best team is after two weeks and that the Vikings are not even close.

This is one of those few times where you hear Cory actually get highly annoyed. He first asks who the guy thinks is the best team, and the guy says the Steelers, but Cory points out that the Steelers could easily be 0-2 and are not playing all that well.

The guy then continues to rail against the idea of picking the best team in week two. This pisses Giger off, and he starts criticizing Clint by saying that its a sports show, what else would he have them talk about, and everyone does this, everyone sits around and discusses who the best teams are at the moment. Clint does not like this and says that he and his friends never do that. Cory then calls him a liar.

It occurred to me that Giger would have been better served by pointing out that Clint obviously thinks about this since he called in a day later and brings it up. I think Giger was more upset with the fact that Clint said his opinion was stupid, yet had no reason to back up his own opinion (which would piss me off too).

I am glad to have found a good radio show to listen to, I hope that people continue to call in with stupid questions, or good questions.