True Blood: Almost the End

Last night’s episode was pretty sweet. Unfortunately it is coming to an end, and I really have not had my fill of the show…

Bill meets with the vampire Queen (I wonder if she is just the queen of Area 5 or queen of all vampires?) She explains that Maryann was once human, but has evolved into something else. She cannot be killed because she only believes her death can only come from her god’s return.

Elsewhere, Sam meets with Eric and asks for some help from Eric. Eric goes to the queen as well, pretty much to piss Bill off and impress Sookie.

The best part of the episode though, has to be Jason. He said some of the dumbest stuff I have ever heard one person utter, and it was absolutely hilarious. His confusion of bible stories is amusing, and his new sense of leadership cracks me up.

I look forward to the final episode, even if it will take a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “True Blood: Almost the End

  1. She is the Queen of Louisiana in the books. Every state has its own king or queen and the marriages between them get to be pretty involved with weird prenup type things. As I have said before….I think you should read the books. They are totally different from the show, but still entertaining…

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