True Blood: The End

I was very disappointed with the season finale of True Blood. A full season of build up, and then it ends with very little confrontation. It was pretty weak.

I at least wanted Eric to show up with a giant broad sword and try to cut Maryann’s head off. But no, instead we get Sam turning into a bull and stabbing her through the heart.

The rest of the episode felt like it was just trying to wrap things up a little too quickly. For example, Eggs. He seems to be pretty messed up after learning about stabbing people. He tries to turn himself in, but gets shot. I wonder if they did this to go back to the time when Tara was in love Jason?

The best part of the episode was Sam visiting his adoptive parents, and finding out that his real parents were bad people and then getting their name. I am sure next season will focus more on that quest.

The ending was okay, but nothing spectacular. Bill proposes to Sookie, she goes to the bathroom, and somebody comes and takes Bill. The same thing that happens on all of my dates. Except, when the girl goes to the bathroom, I bolt for the door leaving her with the check…

Anyways, I am sure Eric has something to do with this. Since we learned that he is selling vampire blood for the queen. Also interesting was the comment “you may be the oldest, most powerful vampire in my queendom.” Does that mean Eric is older than Queen Sophie? Interesting. Remember, Eric felt that Godric should have been King…

And the final question: what the hell is Sookie? I asked this question after the first season when she whipped the chain around the dude’s neck. Nothing ever seemed to come of it, but now she thought about it again. Maybe she is a chupacabra…

4 thoughts on “True Blood: The End

  1. I thought the finale was kinda meh as well. I was kinda glad that the Maryanne storyline ended so abruptly, since I hated it; but it was still poorly done all in all.

    That left more time to focus on other characters and other storylines. If I remember correctly, Eric is indeed older than the queen – way older – didn’t she say that she was turned during the industrial revolution? I’m not sure yet that Eric is involved witht the Billnapping. That seems to be what they want us to think. Bill has always been a stand-up guy, so I think a conversation would be sufficient between he and Eric, even with the Sookie stuff hanging over everything.

    I’m hoping the focus of next season is on the Sam quest, because I think that has the most potential. The Eggs resolution was pretty stupid, and I hope it doesn’t affect Jason’s character next season.

  2. i agree with Gideon. And as for sookie’s “powers” they dont really exsist in the books. She does however have supernatural genes in her bloodline. I dont want to spoil anything for you…but there is a reason that vampires are more attracted to her than to anyone else….if you really wanna know what she is i will tell you…

    the sam story line isnt in the books at all either, which is probaby why i like it so much. Its new and exciting for me.

    as for jason..i just hope he starts getting laid more often *L*

  3. Gideon…I checked wikipedia, and in the book, the Queen is 1100 years old, also it says that on the show the casting call was for someone to play 1150 year old vampire…I am guessing that she says that eric is the oldest/most powerful vampire in her queendom, meaning aside from her.

    shellie…I am okay with not knowing, I will read the books at some point.

  4. In the books she is part Fairy. Vampires have a strange draw to fairies and because of this all the vamps want Sookie. Like I said she doesnt have any powers in the book. However she does have Fairy relatives that come into her life later on, the are supposed to be super attractive and they do indeed have some kind of powers. They tend to help sookie get out of trouble, the save her life a bunch of times….the vamps also cant be around her fairy relatives for very long due to the strange attraction they feel to them. they can concentrate and because of that are extremely vulnerable…..hope that helps

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