What’s Been Goin’ On

I know I have not really posted much lately, been pretty busy. Or just been lazy, whatever. So here is what has been going on in my life.

I did that a few times last week. Unfortunately, I worked all weekend so I could not go out for the Penn State game (which I did not get to watch) or for the Labor Day holiday…

Nothing really extraordinary happened, just me drinking, so sadly, I have no stories for you.

Book Store Adventure
Friday I went to Barnes & Noble to buy some books. I am standing there in the fiction section, looking at Wolves of Calla by Stephen King. This cute girl comes by and starts browsing the section as well. She smiles at me and I think nothing of it.

I then make my way over to the Fantasy section, and after a few minutes there she is again. She smiles and I smile back. Yet, I really think nothing of it. One of the books I was looking for happens to be in the teen section, so I make my way over there, and here comes cute girl. Now, my thought is, I should talk to her, but then I think, she could just be looking at the same kind of books.

So, I test the theory. I go across the store and start looking at history books. Without fail, here comes my girl. She is looking at history books, and smiles at me. At this point, what should I do? Talk to her, try to get her phone number, something, right?

What do you think I did? You guessed it, I walked briskly to the register, paid for my books, and got in my car. Once in my car I thought to myself how stupid I was and that I should have said something. Instead of going back in and actually doing it though, I just tucked my penis between my legs and drove home.

Why would I share this story?

TV Shows
The fall season is quickly coming up and I need some shows to watch. As of now I am looking forward to House, Supernatural, Bones, Smallville, and maybe Flash Forward.

I really do not know if I will even give Heroes a shot. I still have never finished last season. Did anyone? Was it good? Should I watch it and maybe continue writing about it this season? Which shows should I write about?

Speaking of good shows, I finally watched the finale of Supernatural. I am pretty excited about this season. Sam and Dean up against Lucifer. When the season first started I was nervous about them introducing angels into the mix. But, when we learn that the angels are trying to help start the apocalypse, that was a pretty cool twist. Especially when Zacharriah says that god checked out long ago…

I have to go back to working a few third shifts this week. It was a nice two months or so since my last one, which has been great. I would complain, but I am actually looking forward to it.

Well that’s about it. I plan to write a post everyday this week, so you know, come back, comment, whatever…

2 thoughts on “What’s Been Goin’ On

  1. Honestly I can’t even remember the end of the Heroes season…must have been exciting. I know Angela made them dig up some graves so they could get her sister to show up…and her sister controls the weather or something. I don’t know, in the end I’m pretty sure Claire and Peter just said hell with it and hooked up, while Nathan looked on and nodded.

    Or maybe not.

    All I know is Kristen Bell died so there is no reason to watch the show anymore.

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