What’s Going On

I know that 92% of you are always dying to know what is going on in my life. So I figured today was a good day for a quick update.

As I have said before, last week I went to a work seminar, which we have two each year (luckily my first vacation almost always falls on the first one). I hate going to them, mainly because sitting there for eight hours listening to people talk makes my ass and brain hurt.

This year was no exception (except that I got to see a few friends from Pittsburgh). It was long, it was boring, but most of all, it seems redundant. They had a guest speaker who told us things we should all know (at least I think we should, maybe there were some people in the audience who are morons and needed to hear some guy spout off simple things…)

I will not complain too much though, it is a day of work, plus I get paid for my drive down.

I recently finished a book, The Singing, which is the fourth book in Allison Croggon’s series about Pellinor. It was decent. The ending left a lot to be desired though.

Fortunately I have started rereading Wolves of the Calla, the fifth book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Ever since Offord let me borrow the series (say thankee-sai), I have been slowly buying and rereading them again. In fact, I have reread The Gunslinger twice as well as Wizards and Glass.

The great thing is that I can focus on some of the little things, especially now that I know how it all ends, it is fun to really nitpick at it.

I have yet to watch a Penn State game this year. Kind of annoying, but since I go on vacation this week, I will get to see the Iowa game and the game after that (I am too lazy to look at a schedule). Anyone have any plans for the game Saturday? Where should I watch it, with whom?

TV Shows
Since I worked daylights all week, I usually go to bed pretty early, but I have become better at setting my DVR to watch shows. This week I watched the new House, which was okay, but nothing spectacular. He was in an asylum, he gets help, he goes home. Wow, great. Does that mean he will be a different person now, will we have to see him go to a shrink once a week? I hope not.

Sons of Anarchy is one of the coolest shows out there. I want to check out season one because so far season two has been awesome.

My Birthday
My birthday is coming up. Friday October 2nd. I am giving you all time to buy me nice gifts. Or send me money/gift cards to Best Buy/Comic Swap. Also, if anyone wants to take me out Friday or Saturday night, just let me know. I would like a birthday dinner/lots of birthday drinks (IT’S GONNA BE A BLACKOUT!-name that band)/birthday threesome. In that order.

Here is a list of things you can buy me to make me happy:
Burn Notice Season 2
Mad Men Seasons 1&2
Sons of Anarchy Season 1
Tickets to Las Vegas next summer
A broadsword
342 cases of Mountain Dew
A midget
OMG TICKETS TO SEE NEW MOON!!!! Just kidding, I would rather gouge out my eyes with said broadsword (or the midgets fingers).

And last, but not least: Shyla Stylez. If you get me her for my birthday, I will be a happy camper; even if for just one hourseven minutes.

5 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Speaking of the Dark Tower, I just finished reading Salem’s Lot in my attempt to ready every character’s back story. So far I have Salem’s and The Stand. What are some other books he references?

  2. you should check out “the last wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski. It’s a book starring the “wither”, you may have heard of the video game. It is actually a pretty damn good book and the witcher kicks ass. I just finished the second book tonight “Blood of Elves”, and am not sure if the 3rd is out yet.

    What if for your birthday we can scrounge together some dough to buy you a midget that looks like shyla stylez, carrying a case of mountain dew, a $500 gift card to best buy and a broadsword strapped to her back, with a little pouch on the front of her thong carrying a $500 gift card to best buy?

  3. I have Black House laying around I think, and I’ve read the excerpt in Everything’s Eventual. It is weird…haha. I have IT as well but it’s as long or longer than the Stand…and I only read like maybe an hour a week.

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