Birthday GOTW

Today is my birthday, and I figure since it is my birthday, I will choose my own adventure this morning. By that, I mean I am going back to bed and dreaming about doing very naughty things to these three Brazilian models (names are not important for this fantasy).

8 thoughts on “Birthday GOTW

  1. Ryan…why is APPY BIR capitalized? but thank you regardless.

    Offord…thanks. when ya get to be my age you really lose track. Damn, I keep trying to make a short joke, but nothing is coming. Screw it. Offord, go stand in the corner and think of a funny joke for me.

  2. hahah you don’t get it?? good one ryan lol I’m going to be laughing about that all day now…

    And..I’m so short, Angelina Jolie tried to adopt me! That sucked..

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