Comic Book Movie Grades Part 2

I figured it is about time to update the list. Movies that I forgot or have come out since last time will be in bold. If I changed my mind about a movie, it will be in italics.

Spider-Man: A+
Spider-Man 2: A+
Spider-Man 3: A-/B+
X-Men: A
X2: A+
X3: B+
X-Men Orgins: Wolverine: C
Blade: B-
Blade II: B
Blade: Trinity: B+
Daredevil: B-
Elektra: C
Fantastic Four: C+
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: D-
Hulk: C-
Punisher: C+
Catwoman: F
Constantine: C
Batman: B
Batman Returns: B-
Batman Forever: C
Batman and Robin: D-
Batman Begins: A
The Dark Knight: A+
Superman: B+
Superman II: B
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut: B+
Superman III: D
Superman IV: F
Superman Returns: A-
Hellboy: B
Hellboy II: The Golden Army: B
Sin City: A+
Road to Perdition: A
Judge Dredd: F
V For Vendetta: A-
A History of Violence: B-
The Crow: B
From Hell: B
Howard the Duck: D+
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: D
Man-Thing: F
Spawn: C
Ghost Rider: C-
300: A+
Iron Man: A+
The Incredible Hulk: B+/A-
Watchmen: A
30 Days of Night: B
The Spirit: F

4 thoughts on “Comic Book Movie Grades Part 2

  1. The Spirit is just completely over the top. The acting is terrible, the plot is retarded…so on and so on.

    I tried to write about it one time, and all I could must was “umm, this movie blows.” It was hard for me to sit through it.

    Waste the buck, just do not expect something good like Sin City or 300.

  2. I would give similar, if not the same, ratings for most of these. The only one I disagree with is Spider-Man 3. I would give that a C-, maybe even a D+. I thought it was a pretty big disappointment.

  3. Disappointment-yes, bad movie compared to some of the others?-no. It was still better than Ghost Rider, LXG, the first Hulk, etc…

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