Flash Forward

Is anyone watching the new show FlashForward? I can understand if some of you might be afraid that it will be another Lost, which I guess in a way it is. So far though, I have enjoyed it. Here are some of the things I liked and have questions about:

-Does anyone think that Janis’ kid will turn out to be Demetri’s? I bet they hook up before he dies because he will have the “I am depressed and going to die” attitude.

-Little kids are freaky, especially when they have secrets. What did Benford’s daughter see? Maybe she could hook up with Walt from Lost

-If there is going to be a global blackout, what better thing to be doing than having sex with Peyton List…
-I hope the whole thing turns out to be an elaborate bank heist.

-You cannot have a show with Penny and Charlie, yet no Desmond. “Brotha, I already see the future.” Would be great…

Anyone have anyone thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Flash Forward

  1. I’m watching the show. Still reserving judgement. I’m about a third through the book (written in the late 90s) and the book is very good.

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