Halloween ’09

The last few years I have not been able to go out and enjoy Halloween because of work. Fortunately this year I have the weekend off. The question is, what should I do? Also, what should I be?

Option A
Go to State College and hit up the bars. Always a fun time, plenty of scantily clad girls running around. The problem is where to stay. However, there is no home football game that weekend, so getting a hotel room would be relatively cheap. If we can get a few people to go, it would not cost much money.

Option B
Find a party to go to. Umm, always a fun idea, unfortunately I do not know of anyone having a party…

Option C
Head to Pittsburgh. This could be fun, but it also falls in with the problem of option B…

Option D
Do nothing and be absolutely miserable. Come on people, do not allow this to happen!

Costume Ideas
-Pope or Jesus with a giant fuckin’ sword!
-Insert your idea here

Anyways, let me know what you folks think.

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