The League

I kept seeing the previews on FX for The League, a show about guys in a fantasy football league. The previews looked pretty funny, but I just was not too sure.

Until about the first five minutes when one of the characters starts saying how he is going balls deep this year (which was my fantasy team name at one point). It immediately reminded me of the morning I woke up and read this article over at KSK. Unfortunately, none of my friends ever read it, so making Rex Grossman jokes never made sense.

Some other highlights from the show:
-the main character having his girlfriend finger his ass during sex
-Taco (yes that is a character’s name) singing a birthday song to his friend’s five year-old daughter. He describes her parents going at it 69 style.
-pedophile jokes
-smoking pubic hair and getting high

It will be interesting to see if the show can continue to crack me up each week, but also see the characters grow at the same time.

2 thoughts on “The League

  1. That show sounds pretty vulgar for FX…Speaking of vulgar comedies, I actually kind of like Secret Girlfriend on Comedy Central. Maybe it is the multitude of hot girls, or the originality and goofiness of it, but either way it is better than the other crap they tried to push into the South Park sloppy seconds time slot (see Chocolate News and Dmitri Martin, et al).

  2. I am guessing you do not watch Sons of Anarchy (or used to watch the Shield)? FX usually goes as far as it can without being HBO or Showtime.

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