Where the Wild Things Are

I was going to try and post a review of the movie, but then I read filmdrunk’s review and decided that was almost exactly how I felt about the movie. I had a few differences, but they are slight and really not worth mentioning.

Actually, I want to point out this post over at stuffwhitepeoplelike. Take a minute and read it, and come back when you are finished.

Okay, after Kacie and I saw the movie, a few nights later we are at Champs enjoying a tasty beer, and there are two guys beside us discussing movies. One white guy (probably mid 20s) and one black guy (in his 40s). The black guy says how he did not really like the movie because it was a bit dark and scary for his kids.

The white guy cannot seem to comprehend this and starts saying stuff like this:
“But dude, it’s a Spike Jonze movie! He is awesome.”
“How can you not be a fan of Mark Sendak’s books?”
“The book changed my life as a child.”

I really wish I was making this shit up, but I am not. The first comment is funny because I wonder if the guy actually knows the body of work Spike Jonze has done? Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, about the only things I can think of that he directed.

I believe he meant Maurice Sendak for the second comment, and I will be honest with you, looking at his works on wikipedia, I have only heard of WTWTA. The reason I thought of the stuffwhitepeoplelike post is because of their reference to Fight Club. I bet money this is a guy who tells people he read the book long before the movie came out. I am one of the few people who decided to buy the book after seeing the movie…

I also wonder if the white guy meant he was a fan of David Eggers books? I have never read any of his books, in fact I do not think I have heard of any of them. I guess that makes me dumb or something.

Last comment though really cracked me up: the book changed his life as a child. What the fuck does that mean? When I was a kid, I am pretty sure a peanut butter & apple butter sandwich would have changed my life. Ten sentences changed my life forever. What did this guy do as a child, read this story and say “damn, I should not be so wild. Allow me to start volunteering at the local animal shelter, or maybe I should read Voltaire.”

And people wonder why I want to kill 93% of the people I see…

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  1. the young actor who took the lead role in this movie did quite an impressive job; I predict that he will be a giant in the movie industry someday. Visual effects for this movie were great as well

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