Armageddon’s Children

Last night I finished reading Armageddon’s Children by Terry Brooks. It was an awesome book, and it has definitely sparked my interest in his Word/Void series. For those of you unaware, this new series bridges the gap between Word/Void and the Shannara books.

I have a question for Brooks’ fans out there: when you were reading this, what was the first point you realized it all tied together? The book’s flap says that it is a brand new series, but then very quickly in the book we meet a Knight of the Word, but still for awhile it just seems to be a continuation of that series and nothing to do with Shannara, until you hit a chapter that starts by discussing the Elves of Cintra and how they guard the Ellcrys tree (which was the subject of the second Shannara book).

I am guessing long time fans would have seen it coming, I remember at one point the King of the Silver River saying something about being a guardian of the Word (I cannot remember which Shannara book that came from though). Just something interesting I was thinking about…

Anyways, I love how well Brooks conceals who the gypsy morph. At any point he leads you to believe it could be almost any of the Ghosts. Early on it leads toward Hawk, but then we see Candle’s sense of prophecy. Later, when Sparrow stands up to the mutant centipede, you get a sense that maybe she is the daughter of Nest Freemark.

I know this is going to annoy some of you, but prepare for a bunch of book reviews in the next few days/weeks. I joined Doubleday Book Club, and picked up five books for like $10. These are the titles I will be reading: Armageddon’s Children, Elves of Cintra, A Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, and Dragon Harper (although, I meant to order the original books and not the new one, so this one might sit on the shelf awhile). There are no new movies out that I really want to see, so I am just going to read, a lot.

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  1. I never read the Word + Void series, but I think I’ve read everything else Brooks has written. There are a LOT of Shannara books.

    You’re reading Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings? Awesome. You will not be disappointed.

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