Drunken Nights

I know most of you have been wondering why I have not posted anything about Halloween or the Ohio State game. Well the truth is, I got really drunk. I will do my best to tell the stories of each night.

For about a week, Kacie was bugging me to go to this party on Gill Street instead of going out to the bars. I finally relented and said that I would go. I asked Revan if he wanted to go and he said sure, I then informed him he needed a costume, not his shirt that says “this is my costume.”

He picks me up and we head over to State, he is dressed as Elmo and I am dressed as a priest. Insert your child molestation jokes here. We decide to go to Zeno’s before heading to this party, shoot a few games of pool, drink some beers (they had Spaten Oktoberfest, mmmm), and then walk to the party. Immediately I realize that having Elmo around is going to be quite interesting.

We walk up to the party and cannot find Kacie, nor can we find anything to drink. We meander around for about ten minutes until we run into the person that makes every party suck: Raj! He talks to us for a few minutes, at which point my brain begins to throb, and I tell Elmo that we need to go find some booze or I might have a stroke.

We head back downtown, to the bar 797 (it used to be Sportscafe). We get a few drinks and chill there for the rest of the night. Nothing insane happened, I ran into some bartenders from Champs, the one was really trashed. The coolest thing about the evening was watching Elmo hit on girls.

The Ohio State Game
The game sucked. Penn State played like shit. Now that we got that outta the way, let me tell you about my day.

I met my brother (his name is Adam for those of you who might be slightly retarded), his girlfriend (Lora, who I had never met before this day), Joe, Jarrod, and Chase at the Lion’s Den. They were all pretty well tore up, so I had to start drinking fast to help catch up.

We went over to Baby’s to eat, Kacie joined us at that point, and then went to Bar Bleu to finish watching the game. Once we realized it was over, we went back to Philipsburg to drink at the Pub.

Time is like a river, it flows in one direction. Unfortunately after copious amounts of alcohol, my time flow started to hit some choppy water and maybe a few waterfalls. I remember playing pool and darts with my brother. I remember talking to my cousin Tim. I also remember walking home with Chase. I remember the halfway point and explaining to Chase that my brother’s place is up that street. I have not heard anything about a missing person, so I am assuming Chase made it home alive.

I can tell you that I felt like death the next day. I seriously wanted someone to put me out of my misery. I think I was still hungover when I went to work Monday.

Unfortunately, I never have pictures from these kind of events, so I just put up the first “drunken elmo” picture I could steal from someone, and one of Adam and Lora. It’s basically the same as being there!