DVR Madness

Who doesn’t love DVR? I mean, how great is it to come home and know that your favorite shows are waiting for you, and you can watch them without commercials. I know I sure love it. I have tried watching shows online, but they still have commercials, which annoy me.

Currently I record the following shows: House, Lie to Me, V, Sons of Anarchy, The League, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Flashforward, White Collar, and Supernatural. For some unknown reason though, my DVR decided not to record V this week, so I will have to watch it online this weekend (that is when ABC puts up the new episode).

I have one complaint about DVR though, well actually about the way networks edit shows. They need to help us DVR-folks out. When you are fast forwarding through commercials, they need to have something to indicate the show is coming back on. For example, the FX shows bring up the TV Rating screen. White Collar (and the other USA shows) usually start with a scene of the city and some music (Burn Notice or Royal Pains usually does a shot of the beach).

Sadly House and Lie to Me do not have that kind of cool cut screen and I usually fast forward past something and then have to rewind. I cannot be wasting valuable seconds doing this, I am a busy man. House might be the most frustrating, they will show a shot of the hospital, yet House will be talking.

So, for all you network execs out there reading this (I think that could be my largest demographic), please figure out a way to accommodate my life.