I finally got a chance to see Avatar today. It was basically as good as I expected it to be. It was not the greatest film of all time, nor was it terrible. The special effects were pretty awesome, but as most people have said, the story was lacking.

In fact, let me sum up the movie for you: Humans are bad, we go to a magical place where the natives commune with a great tree. Humans destroy the land to get the raw materials they need. One male human becomes involved with one female native and helps the natives stop the humans. The end.

Yes, this is the exact same premise as Fern Gully. Actually if Fern Gully and the Matrix had a kid, it would be Avatar. Other than that though, I had no real complaints.

It did seem to take forever though, especially the beginning with Jake learning to be one of the Na’vi. Those scenes seemed to me to only serve the purpose of showing off how amazing this world looks and how creative James Cameron can be.

It was a decent movie, not really Best Picture worthy, but decent.

5 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. I finnnnally saw Avatar (theater was STILL sold out), and even after the hype, it surpassed my expectations. Sure the plot is not all that original, but are any romantic comedies new? Aren’t most action and superhero movies all the same? No, the plot was just fine and the real star was the amazing visuals. It was breathtaking in my opinion, and am glad I got to finally see it in 3D. Plus, Zoe Saldana is much hotter as a Na’vi.

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