Bowl Games

Since the college football season is about over, I figured it might be fun to have a bowl game challenge. See who can pick the remaining games (well the big games).

Gator Bowl: West Virginia over Florida State. I understand why this game is being played, Bobby Bowden’s old team versus his current team. Sentimental value or something. WVU wins a close one, 21-17.

Capital One Bowl: PSU over LSU. I have to take the Nittany Lions, what kind of fan would I be if I did not? The Lion’s chances hinge heavily on Clark’s performance. If he can do something in this game, they should be able to score some points. I believe it will be 24-20.

Rose Bowl: Oregon over Ohio State. If the Ducks can force Pryor to make mistakes, they should come away with an easy win. I have a feeling it might not be a close game, 31-14.

Sugar Bowl: Florida over Cincinnati. A few weeks ago, I might have picked Cincinnati, but not now. This game is going to get out of control very quickly, but then the Bearcats will show that offense and make a comeback. I say 41-35.

Fiesta Bowl: TCU over Boise State. I wish this was played on the cool blue turf at Boise, but alas it’s not meant to be. The Horned Frogs have the coolest team name out there, how can it lose? I think this might be one of the closer games, and it may end up being very exciting or extremely dull. I have a feeling that both teams feel cheated and may not really show up for the game. They played each other in a bowl game last year, not so much fun when you could have been playing one of the powerhouse teams…Anyways, my score prediction: 24-22.

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech over Iowa. In all honesty, was Iowa that good this year? I mean they seemed to just squeak by everyone. Their defense is good though, but good enough to stop an explosive offense like GT? Probably not. I say 21-10.

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama over Texas. Ugh, I really do not care about this game. If ‘Bama wins we get to hear how the SEC is the greatest conference, if Texas wins we will have to listen to stories about how they have been the underdogs and won two national titles. Blah blah blah. I will probably root for Texas though, just because I almost always cheer against the SEC. Unfortunately, the score will probably be 35-10.

And the bowl match-up we have all been waiting for…
GMAC Bowl: Troy over Central Michigan. I see a blowout for the Sun Belt Conference (bonus points to anyone who can name another school from the Sun Belt without looking it up). 54-10.

Leave your picks in the comments.