Clash of Kings

I recently finished the second book of Martin’s series. A Clash of Kings was very good. It picks up where the first book stopped and continues to amaze me with the number of plot twists. Whenever you think something good is going to happen to a character, then something new and worse happens.

-My prediction about Jon Snow still stands. I believe he is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar.

-The dreams the Stark brothers are having, are they a result of the dragons being born? The pyromancers claimed that at a certain point creating wildfire became easier, almost as if dragons were back. I also wonder if the Red Priestess’ own powers increased with the birth of the dragons?

-Arya is an interesting character. I constantly think something good will happen to her, yet it never does. I kept thinking that Syrio the water dancer (her sword instructor) would miraculously come to her rescue and take her away and train her. Unfortunately, it appears that he died helping her flee the guards.

Then it seemed like Yoren would get her back to Winterfell, but then he died and she has been moved from place to place. Jaqen then shows up and proves to be a pretty cool guy. He is some kind of assassin, and towards the end he removes his face for another one, which leads me to believe he is one of the Faceless Ones. He gives her a coin and says that if she ever has need of him to take the coin he gives her to Braavos. I wonder if she will go there and become an assassin? Probably not, but something tells me this guy is not going to disappear.

As for Arya, she is on the run at the moment (I do not understand why she did not just tell Roose Bolton her real identity, I suppose she fears he would not believe her, but still…) Her goal is to make it to Riverrun, but we all know what will happen. Someone will catch her and I would almost guess that she makes it back to King’s Landing.

-Why do I believe she will head back to King’s Landing? Because the Lannister’s will need her. Sansa is going to be leaving their clutches to visit Highgarden, hard to refuse the King’s new wife’s family? She may, or may not marry the son there. Why do the Tyrells want a wedding between themselves and the Starks? Maybe to switch allegiances to Robb? I find it interesting that the Tyrells already know that Joffrey is a jerk (well at least the women know this).

-Here is my grand overall prediction for the series. Dany will raise a very large army in the East. Not sure how she will do it, but she will. The Greyjoy army will be destroyed when the Others come across the Wall and start marching and killing everyone. This will cause Robb to focus on them. The rest of the kings will the greater enemy coming and will join together, but there will be multiple allegiances and deals made.

It will seem the Others are winning when an army will arrive with a Queen who has some dragons to back her up. They will defeat the Others and Dany will take her rightful place on the Iron Throne as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

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