A Bunch of Random Stuff

Here are a few things that have been on my mind and I figured it would be easier to just write about them together instead of five or six separate posts.

Spider-Man 4
Apparently Sam Raimi and Sony could not come to an agreement about the fourth movie, so instead of trying to work something out, Sony scrapped the idea.  Instead of making a fourth movie, they are going back to reboot the entire series.

Yes, this did work with Batman Begins, but only because WB waited a few years and pretty much destroyed the franchise.  How can you reboot a franchise like Spider-Man?  I understand the third movie was not great, but the first two were incredible.  And then reading things like this really irritates me.  Why do I get the feeling that Peter Parker will be played by one of the Jonas Brothers?

Conan O’Brien
For those of you who follow the late night talk show world, Conan is being asked to move back to his old time-slot, so Leno can move back to his, yet they would keep the shows the same (meaning Conan would still host the Tonight Show).

Needless to say, Conan has not been happy about this and is definitely voicing his opinion.  In fact, for those of you who remember classic Conan, he is basically back.  I always had a feeling that his zaniness would not really fit well with the 11:30 crowd, and it is good to see that Conan has said screw it and decided to just be a bit wackier.

You can watch his opening above and just laugh at how funny he is when he gets to be himself.  Also, for those of you who watch Craig Ferguson, he has plenty of jokes about the situation as well.  In fact he claims that no matter what happens, his show will still be the least watched and probably the worst.  Actually, his show cracks me up.

Pete Carroll
So as you have heard, Carroll took the job as coach of the Seattle Seahawks.  Yes, you read that correctly.  If I am not mistaken, hasn’t he turned down like every NFL coaching job in the last few years?  Why all of a sudden would he want to leave USC for Seattle?  Could it be the fact that USC is about to come under major investigation and he is afraid of what they will find?  Probably.

That being said, I have a pretty interesting idea.  We all know that the Seahawks will fail.  I give it three years and then he either resigns or gets fired.  I also believe that will be the point that a very old head coach of a certain university may retire.  I will give you a hint, his name rhymes with Go Flaterno.  Aside from the recent problems USC had with boosters (which may or may not be Carroll’s fault, USC is basically the closest thing LA has to a pro football team, but I am getting off track.)

I would have no problem with Carroll taking over the coaching duties at Penn State.  I think that hiring an internal candidate would be a huge mistake and if there is someone like that out there, someone who could take PSU out of the mid-level elite programs and into the top tier programs, that would be fantastic.

Lane Kiffin
So, USC decided to hire Lane Kiffin as the head coach.  Talk about a guy who wins when he fails.  “Hey I was a lousy coach at Oakland!”  Fine, be the head coach of Tennessee.  “I had a mediocre season there!”  That’s okay, try your hand at USC.  I am scared that if USC only wins six games next year what could happen:  Lane Kiffin chosen as Emperor of the World.  Or the new Spider-Man…

Mark McGwire
McGwire came clean about using steroids. I do not think it came as a shock to anyone.  I would say more about it, but really what else is there to say?  These guys did whatever they could to get an edge.  The only part I found laughable was McGwire claiming that the ‘roids did not help him hit home runs.  He still would have broken the record without them.  Somehow I doubt that Mark.